Photo Editing ~ Programs and what's the difference?

Very often I am asked what editing programs I use? What the difference is between editing programs? And if I edit all of my clients images? All of these questions I am answering in this post! Absolutely please contact me if you should have any questions. Enjoy!

It's pretty overwhelming the choices we have for editing programs nowadays. Most may know of the smart phone photo editing app's like Camera +, PS Express and Pic Stitch to name a few. These editing tools are great for on-the-go mobile photos! One of my personal favorites is the Camera + application.

While these are all amazing tools to edit our photos with from our mobile devices they simply do not have the same in-depth and precise tools as those of high end photo editing software programs. I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future they did start developing mobile user friendly app's that are up-to-par with these though.


Which editing program your photographer uses is just as important as how well your photographer knows how to use it. With the numberless options available with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom you can just as easily ruin a great image as you can by making an image better. You may have seen images that seem "over-edited" or that just look fake. Photo editing should be used to subtly enhance an image's natural beauty. This is why it is crucial that your photographer have an understanding of the difference and have sufficient training and experience in using these programs to get the absolute best result possible for your final images.



After much research and having tried several different editing programs over the years I always seem to come back to my absolutely favorites Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I may just have a bias for these programs because they are... well... amazing! But these are also the ones that I have a familiarity with using for a decade now as well as the programs I was instructed on in-depth in my college studies. Although above all else I believe life experience is more valuable than education is most aspects of life. I've used different versions of them and have seen how they have developed and how the features have gotten even better over the years. Hands down - these two programs when used together are the best - in my humble opinion.



Lightroom is a wonderful tool that was designed specifically for professional photographers. It has everything you need for basic editing. You can even take a raw image that may have some issues and create a seemless image. It's also a great tool for managing your photo library, importing and arranging your photos and provides the ability to easily view your album and flip from one image to the next quickly. The workflow timeline makes it simple to go from your library to developing to processing. I use Lightroom to basic edit all of my work. Every image that appears on your online album is a basic edited image. This ensures that every image is perfected and print worthy.


I use Photoshop to finely tune your images. Photoshop is a great editing tool for things like brightening eyes, teeth, smoothing out facial flaws and in-depth custom editing to create a more dramatic image.This is definitely a much more robust editing system that has a tendency to bog down, thus I use this for more "one-on-one" time with you photos.

Photoshop Edited Image

This image is a great example of suble photoshop editing. PS was used to create a sky in an otherwise skyless background as well as a sunset. It was also used to enhance color, take out powerlines and shadows in the background and create a more evenly distributed silloutte.

Here are a few other examples of the difference between a RAW image (straight out of my Canon 5D); Basic Editing (Lightroom) and Custom Editing (Photoshop).



YES! I absolutely do. Every image you receive will be edited. Your online album will be entirely basic edited using Lightroom. All of my sessions and weddings also include a certain number of custom photoshop edited images of your choosing. I offer additional custom edits at additonal prices. My advice to my clients when choosing which images they want to have Photoshop edited is to choose the ones that they would like to have blown up prints made of such as canvas's or prints larger than an 8x10. These images may also be the ones you want to use on save-the-dates or in your custom album.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, insight, opinions. I would love to hear from you! ~ Talia

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